What my students remember

As teachers, we never know what impact (if any) we have on our students. We have to approach every day like a new opportunity, search for the small victories and wait for the longitudinal study to come out. Thanks to my absolutely phenomenal coworkers, Maxine and Adrienne, I was able to get letters from all … Continue reading What my students remember


Thoughts during my commute

Another ETA, Caleb, publishes a weekly blog about his time in Korea. A few weeks ago, he wrote about cultural nuances that resist interpretation, and asked other ETAs for their thoughts. For the past year, I've been pondering that question during my commute and I figured I might as well turn it into a post. … Continue reading Thoughts during my commute

Moderately Useful Korean Phrases pt 2

An interaction at a cafe: (a server approaches to take my order) すみません! Erh ah wait 미안합니다, J'ai oublié le mot: "저기요." *sweats profusely* sorry yes I would like ... これはください! No, 이거는 ください ... yup that." Sometimes I feel like a child when I speak Korean. I have flashbacks to when I am little, … Continue reading Moderately Useful Korean Phrases pt 2

Moderately Useful Korean Phrases I’ve Somewhat Learned

계속 열심히 하세요 - 'Keep up the hard work.' I am perpetually fumbling, mumbling, stumbling over my words because, although I can picture them in my mind, my tongue and teeth betray me. Nothing comes out exactly like I wanted. But I'll be damned if I'll let my ineptitude betray my pedagogy. I'll stand in front of … Continue reading Moderately Useful Korean Phrases I’ve Somewhat Learned